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Testimonial from Mike Shefman and Sherry Greenberg

“In 2009 Bryce and Dylan Gilmore, two talented sons of friend and legendary Austin restaurateur Jack Gilmore opened an early trailer concept to a fledgling Austin fine dining scene. The Odd Duck trailer served world-class fare on a picnic table and Sherry and I were hooked. Soon Bryce partnered with Sam Hellman-Mass opening Barley Swine and we were among the first in line. It became our home and the kids working there our family. Sam partnered with Bryce to launch that watershed event and we watched him in the kitchen, learning, and growing and endearing himself to us along the way. 

People like Sam and the many renowned chefs, servers, and entrepreneurs that make up our hospitality family in Austin, have brought the culinary arts and cocktail crafts to equal our world-class music. Their kindness and generosity have a history of giving back and selflessness in our city that is unrivaled. In these times, our hospitality family is sacrificing and giving more than ever in the face of an unthinkable industry disaster. The pressure is great for the entire industry and the honor of being associated with providing our kids with affordable professional counseling is humbling. We are all the better for their art, their hard work, and their generosity. Helping them get through ensures a better life for all of us and a return to all the great times they have made possible again.”

Testimonial from Sam Hellman-Mass

Owner of Suerte and Founder of the Mike & Sherry Project

“I’ve worked alongside so many wonderful people in all areas of the restaurant industry who, at times, needed help to be their best. I became aware of the need for mental health in the restaurant community and was inspired by longtime customers Mike Shefman and Sherry Greenberg, who are regulars in the Austin restaurant scene.”

Testimonial from client

“I would not have gone to see a counselor if it had not been for the Mike & Sherry Project. I didn’t even know I needed therapy until I got in the room. CAC helped me process events and my feelings, and helped me in the relationships I needed help in.”

Testimonial from Sarah McIntosh

Chef/Owner épicerie and founding member of the Mike & Sherry Project.

“When épicerie joined the Mike & Sherry Project, I saw a noticeable difference in my staff, even before we closed our dining room. Having a dedicated space to work through your problems and emotions is incredibly important to overall well-being.”